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To provide our clients with the safest and most effective service for your Event, all our Equipment is supplied via a delivery and collection service only (no customer pick up). 

There are two (2 types) of delivery services available – STANDARD & RESTRICTED. Please see below for more information:


STANDARD delivery & collection rates apply when:

  • You have a FLEXIBLE delivery & collection time that is not restricted.
  • Your event hire times fall between standard operating hours (8am – 6pm in Spring/Summer and 8am – 5pm in Autumn/Winter)
  • At a house where, so long as delivery is made prior to the event hire start time, you can accept your equipment earlier (possibly 1 day prior) and collection can be made later the day of your event (possibly the following day). No additional hire costs apply should this occur.
  • There is vehicle access to the location of setup, we can drop products from vehicle, a Trolley is not required.

If Vehicle access is not available but a Trolley can be used this is okay if all of the below apply:

  • Location is less than 25m from where Vehicle is parked.
  • Surface area to Trolley is flat (no steps, slope etc).
  • Access widths is the minimum required for product being hired, no small gates, hedges that limit access etc (please note that access must be at least the minimum required for the product hired, this can be found under “Overview” on product page)


RESTRICTED delivery & collection rates are on a case-by-case basis and are applicable when:

  • You require a specific delivery time at either drop off or collect and cannot accept a general supplied time frame between normal business hours in line with our delivery routing and other bookings.
  • An example of this is your event is at a park between the hours of 12.00pm – 3.00pm. You have only booked the area for the event time noted and cannot arrive earlier or stay later.  A restricted delivery fee applies to both occasions.

Restricted Delivery Fees can apply to any of the below situations:

  • There is no vehicle access, equipment needs to be moved using Trolley, Pallet Jack. Issues that potentially mean additional labour is required; fees may be added to cover the additional unload/setup time costs. 
  • Access is over 25m from where the vehicle is parked.
  • There is a slope (please note if slope is excessive, Delivery will be cancelled, and charges will apply)
  • There is gravel and/or uneven surface.
  • Narrow Gate or narrow access due to hedges, scrubs, vehicles etc (please note that access must be at least the minimum required for the product hired, this can be found under “Overview” on product page)
  • Product is being setup inside a hall and only access is via a ramp etc or some steps (please note if there are steps, this must be noted prior to hire and in most cases, we will not be able to service this request unless steps are absolute minimum (2 – 3).
  • You have ordered a large quantity of equipment that will not fit into 1 Vehicle.