Team Building Games

Team Building Games: Are you looking at a fun, engaging way of building unity between your colleagues. Whether its your sports team, School group, Youth Group, OSHC or Work mates, we have a bunch of fun exciting and engaging activities that will help develop bonds and bring groups together.

Each activity caters for Groups of up to 20 people participating at any one time. With 8 activities in total, we can cater for groups of any size. Most activities are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you have a group of preppies who just want to have fun, a Sports Club that wants to challenge and push one another or a School looking for exciting new games to add to your Sports Carnival, these activities will test your team work, endurance while creating a fantastic atmosphere.

The activities available include Mattress Races, Caterpillar & Ladder Races, various Ball Balancing Games, Foot Balancing Races & Kangaroo Sack Bag Races.

PRICES: Ranging from $200 – $1000 depending on amount of Activities hired