Water Products

Extreme Slip n Slide

12m Long – 4m Wide – 2.5m High

Extreme Slip N Slide:  This Slip n Slide is 4 metres wide, completely open inside but wide enough for 2 – 3 people to slide down at once. Also instead of having a wall at the end like our other Slip n Slides, this one has a 3m x 3m Pool. You can slip n slide, or just bathe in the pool.  Ideal for all ages from the little ones through to the adults.

This product is perfect for OSHC with its high volume capacity.

PRICE (Birthday Parties Only): $500

Length of Hire: 5 Hours (Extended Hire Available)

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Tropical Thunder Water Slide

Dimensions: 26m long – 4.5m wide x 7m high

Tropical Thunder Water Slide: Duel This mega slide is the perfect thrill ride for teenagers and Adults in summer. With participants sliding from almost 6m high, they will get there adrenaline pumping as they speed down the slide. With a total length of 26m , you wont find a bigger Waterslide that you can hire for your next Event. Absolute hit for end of Term Reward Days, Yr 12 Break Up Events and Sports Presentation Days.

PRICE : $1700 (includes 2 Operators)

Length of Hire: 4 Hours (Extended Hire Available)

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